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The best additions to your nursery

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It can be exciting when there is new baby on the way, and one of the things that most couples look forward to is the chance to decorate the baby’s nursery, and kit it out with the latest equipment. However, the sheer number of products on the market means that you won’t be able to fit everything into the room, so you will need to think about the most important things to invest in before you make any purchases. The good thing is that there are some key items that it makes sense to buy, and once you have thought about these, the rest is up to you.




Baby bean bag

If you’ve never heard of the baby bean bag, then you’re missing out – as it is one of the most popular baby items in recent years. A soft, comfortable seat for your baby, the beanbag offers the perfect place for your baby to sleep in absolute safety, no matter where they are. They are wipe clean, and are big enough to seat toddlers up to school age, meaning that your child can still use the baby bean bag as they grow. It is great as an alternative to sitting in a car seat, or lying down all the time.

A good quality cot

Your baby is likely to sleep in his or her cot at least until they are toddling, so it makes sense to buy something that will last until it is no longer needed. Many couples choose to buy a Moses basket, but babies can only sleep in these for a short amount of time – and many don’t manage to settle in them at all. A good quality cot and mattress means that your baby would be able to sleep well from day one.

Changing table

Many parents are opting against the changing table these days, but there is certainly a lot of room for them when thinking about practicality. When you’re trying to change a nappy, it is helpful if you have everything that you need to hand at once, and a changing table can offer you the perfect setup that you need in order to be able to achieve this. A changing mat is also a great idea as these are wipe clean, and using the mat and the table in combination is sure to make the task of changing a lot easier.


You may be surprised at just how much entertainment a baby needs, particularly during the hours when you’d rather be asleep! The good news is that with a mobile, you have the chance to entertain your baby gently while they fall asleep or wake up, and this can be incredibly soothing to them. There are many things that you could choose to have in a nursery, but the list above shows just a few of the top items that you might find the most useful. Getting ready for your baby can be great fun, so you should look forward to creating a nursery that you can be proud of.

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