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The 5 Best Baby Bean Bags for Boys

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If you have a baby boy on the way, it is a great idea to get a luxurious baby bean bag for the little one. The five baby bean bags for boys mentioned below are what we consider the best ones you can currently get. Most parents want their babies to be safe all the time and these bags allow just for that. At the end of the day, safety should never be a matter of compromise, it should be a matter of certainty. Besides safety, these bags are highly comfortable and improve the quality of sleeping throughout the day. Leaving both parents and baby more rested!


Spotty Series – Blue

The first one on our list is the Spotty Series in Blue. This bag is made out of soft velvet and the base material used for its production is PVC-coated polyester. The bag is waterproof and is highly durable. Every bag we produce at Mama Baba comes with dual seat covers, which are usually interchangeable. The covers are removable and you can wash them separately without having to expose the inside filling to water. The bag weights 2 kg and its dimensions are 73 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm.

Spotty Series - Green

Next one on the list is a green version of the previous bag. It is made of the same material with the only difference that the cover and the graphical bubbles on the coating are green. There are two covers again; the cover with a secure three-point harness is geared towards children of up to one year of age. The cover without harness is for toddlers and does not have to be strapped in. Unlike its blue brother, this bag weighs 1.5 kg but has approximately the same dimensions.

Spotty Series – Red

The red version of the spotty series bag also comes with two covers, one with a harness and the other one without it. Besides that, it also comes with a unique safety feature which consists in the fact that the zipper bag has been detached so that your children cannot access the filling material. This is good because the filling material contains some beads and you and your child are better off if the child does not have access to the beads and is not exposed to the choking hazard. The red version of the bag has the same weight and dimensions as the green version.

Polka Dot Series - White

The Polka Dot Series looks a little different than the first three bags. The white version includes a totally white cover and the bag itself is coated with white circles on a black background. The velvet seat cover is washable but please make sure that you wash it with other white pieces of clothing only so that ir does not get stained.

Extra Large Series – Birdie

The extra-large series is slightly heavier (the weight is 2.5 kg). The dimensions are 85 cm in length, 66 cm in weight, and 45 cm in height. The birdie version of the bag depicts cute little green, yellow and pink birds. Super cute for any little boy, or expectant parent awaiting the arrival of their little prince!



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